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When shopping for a bracket to mount you flat panel, articulating wall mounts are the perfect solution for hard to fit corners, open spaces with multiple perspectives or just to impress your guest. From homes to commercial buildings, articulating mounts are the popular choice for many looking for a modern approach to creating the ultimate entertainment experience. Articulating wall mounts come with swivel necks that easily allow you to change your viewing perspective. All Star Mounts has a variety of brackets to fit different sized televisions, you are sure to find the perfect mount and bracket. Thanks and again shop All Star Mounts for the lowest prices both off-line and online making us the best choice for mounting supplies.
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All Star Mounts ASM-100A Articulating TV Bracket Articulating TV Bracket ASM-502S All Star Mounts ASM-501S
ASM-100A Articulating TV Bracket for 10" - 22"
List Price: $69.00
Our Price: $49.00
ASM-502S Articulating TV Wall Bracket for 15" - 32"
List Price: $69.99
Our Price: $49.99

16" Extension, 180 deg swivel

17.25" Extension, 180 deg swivel 26" Extension, 180 deg swivel
All Star Mounts ASM-501S ASM-501M 26" Extension Articulating Wall Bracket for 32" - 60" All Star Mounts ASM-504S
26" Extension, 180 deg swivel left right 26" Extension, 180 deg swivel 31.5" Extension, 180 deg swivel left/right
31in Extension Articulating TV Bracket -ASM-501M31 ASM-504M Articulating TV Bracket All Star Mounts ASM-501L Articulating TV Bracket

31.5" Extension, 180 degree swivel

33" Extension, 180 deg swivel

31.5" Extension, 90 deg swivel

40 inch Extension Articulating TV Wall Bracket - ASM-504M40 All Star Mounts ASM-506L Articulating wall mount
40" Extension, 180 deg swivel 37" Extension, 180 deg swivel